Thank you Mark -- it was an incredible learning experience. I've been applying the tool of letting go with tremendous results. So it’s working in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you
Marketing Executive


Client Testimonials

Some feedback from my clients.

"This 4 day course has made me view life in a way I never thought possible. It has inspired me to do so much more without effort. The tools that were taught have enabled me to feel more calm and have more stillness inside me than ever before. Mark, you are a true inspiration and a unique soul."
Kate: Senior Media Buyer

"I found the learnings to be fluid and invaluable. The profound blend of psychological and spiritual aspects prompted an awakening within me which will undoubtedly facilitate further growth long after the end of the course."
Sheila: Orgnaisational Development Consultant

"This was a very insightful experience. The principles I took away are not only powerful for my personal growth, but practical to use in the dynamic and demanding corporate world. I particularly loved the face-to-no face dialogues and exploring my self-limiting scripts. “Thank you” Mark for giving so generously of your skills and knowledge. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone wanting to get to the next level. "
Paula: Sales Director

"Mark…has phenomenal skills. On a personal level he has succeeded in changing my life as a manager and as a human being. His understanding of people is amazing and coupled with his intuitive skill of the corporate environment…this makes him especially gifted in dealing with teams. The fact that he derives immense personal satisfaction from his work and remains in touch with the people he works with puts him in a league of his own."
Elize: Senior Manager. Pharmaceutical Company

"Mark is articulate, well-read, passionate, and ultimately unflappable in his commitment to the…treatment of individuals. He is a tenacious, perceptive, and humane individual. I'm thrilled that I've had a chance to know him."
Leslie Fair-Gray: United Nations World Food Programme

"Mark is truly a remarkable facilitator...who assisted us in transforming the organizational culture, thereby enhancing our competitiveness. Mark has done so by rolling out powerfully facilitated interventions that create the awareness and acceptance of who we are and where we should be as individuals and within a team. The spill over benefit of his programmes has enabled us to apply the skills in both our personal and work environments, resulting in more sustainable change."
Chereen Godwin: Director Human Resources. AstraZeneca Pharmeceuticals.

"“I was suffering from depression and associated burnout… Mark cut through my well-practiced defence mechanisms…he skilfully avoided the kinds of conversations in which I was able resort to my usual intellectual manoeuvres…his whole being was focussed on me… He did this in an intuitive way that went beyond the obvious and spoke of the kind of expertise that builds up after years of exposure.""
Paul: Educational media developer

"What a great note on which to end the week! After our meeting with Steve and his team, I had a values session with Sue and her Exco...Steve told me that his guys had given him very positive feedback about yesterday's after another, they all had positive things to say about the training, and went as far to explain how they will use/incorporate the values in their work going forward. What a great note on which to end the week! "
Saul: HR director

"I just wanted to thank you for all the help last year through the decision making process. Your applied business and management acumen really helped our discussions to cover both the abstract and emotional issues, while still being able to ground the theory in real life application. That was invaluable in driving myself to confident and balanced action. Thank you."
Patrick: Director. Insurance company

"I do want to thank you for all that you have done for really have helped me more than anyone has, ever. More than I ever thought was possible. You have saved me from killing myself... You have given me the tools to face life head on and not cower in the corner...You have given me 'anti-depressants' so to speak not in pills, but in different ways of thinking and new ways of approaching life...I can never really thank you enough."
Desiree: Management consultant

"Thank you for your mail. I have done some releasing and feel more relaxed and 'confident'? I am more at ease with myself. The effect that this had on my family is amazing. I thing especially kids are very sensitive to their parents 'emotions' and then act or react accordingly."
Kate: IT advisor

"Thank you Mark -- it was an incredible learning experience. I've been applying the tool of letting go with tremendous results. So it’s working in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you"
Sheila: Marketing Executive