Mark is articulate, well-read, passionate, and ultimately unflappable in his commitment to the…treatment of individuals. He is a tenacious, perceptive, and humane individual. I'm thrilled that I've had a chance to know him.
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The Gateway To Peace - 2 day workshop.


2 day workshop

There is a great Peace waiting to emerge inside of you. Let go of the wanting it too badly…and the peace that you are will arise.


To relax the grasping toward Peace and allowing everything to be as it is paradoxically – and unexpectedly – allows your true nature to come forth, for your true nature does not grasp. It is simply who you are and it allows everything to be as it is.




·         Your crazy mind is no longer in charge of your life.


·         You experience greater peace, lightness and compassion, especially under pressure.


·         You can be ‘real’ in the face of rejection and threat.


·         You learn to ‘Love yourself for no reason.’ ie you discover that you can feel great about yourself irrespective of whether you are being approved of or are successful.


·         You are less of a victim of your fears, guilt and anxiety.


·         You learn a meditative technique that does not require concentration.


·         This technique can be used everywhere, ie not just with your eyes closed.


·         You have a method to reduce your guilt and anxieties.


·         You have a method to re-connect with the vitality and openness that perhaps you once knew as a child.

There is a great Peace waiting to emerge inside of you. But if you grasp desperately toward it, it will recede.

It is relaxing this grasping and allowing everything to be as it is that paradoxically allows your true nature to come forth, for your true nature does not grasp. It is simply who you are and it allows everything to be as it is.


In the last 8 years, 2 things have transformed my life and the lives of my clients more than anything I have encountered in the last 34 years as a clinical psychologist.

Adyashanti’s True Meditation technique and my "Loving yourself...for nor reason!" Self-Esteem model.

In this 2 day workshop you will:

Engage with the theory and practice of these three approaches.

Learn to meditate in a completely unique way.

Most meditative techniques involve watching the breath, watching the mind, saying a mantra or visualizing relaxing images, all with the objective of achieving something: trying to slow down the mind, achieve stillness, or calmness.

Nothing wrong with that, but for me the benefits of doing this were limited to the time when I was meditating. It didn’t generalize to the rest of my life.

For over 20 years I practiced transcendental meditation, Hindu and Buddhist meditations and Anna Wise’s meditation technique.

I was exasperated.

Why I asked myself was the impact that these methods upon me and in my life, so limited ‘off the meditation cushion’?

And then 8 years ago, I got the answer.

I stumbled upon Adyashanti’s True Meditation technique through reading an interview with him in a magazine.

And what a revelation!

in the last 35 years

The technique starts with: “Let go of the meditator!”

No longer trying to slow down or stop the mind, achieve greater peace or enlightenment, enables Peace and Stillness to spontaneously emerge.

I found that I was able to access a deep meditative energy, many times a day – whilst working and interacting with others, not just sitting meditating – and that energy has  deepened and deepened over the years.

It enabled me to bring a Stillness and a tranquility to my life and my work and truly opened up a deep spiritual connection that has enabled me to sit with and dissolve many of life’s challenges and stresses in a deeply fulfilling way.

The psychology behind "Loving yourself for no reason." is to transcend judgement, which coupled with the meditation work, enables a discovering that one is love.

The two approaches combined, enable a Gateway into Peace to re-vitalize and calm down your life and your interactions with others.

Original Self-Esteem says that the unself-conscious love and power that we were before we learned the difference between right and wrong, success and failure – as children –  is recoverable, energising and transforming.

There are two forms of Self-Esteem. Original and Acquired. Most kids live in the former – which is where you feel great before approval or success. The latter is where most adults are, feeling worthwhile when they are approved of, or succeed.

There’s some incredible research that supports precisely what I’m talking about. In a long-term study of school kids, it was found that at 6 years of age, 82% of them had high levels of confidence when it came to learning new things. By the age 16 this had dropped to 18%!

We have literally had Original Self – Esteem beaten out of us!

There are specific techniques for learning this method which I will share with you in the workshop, combined with the meditative process.

This workshop is appropriate for beginner and experienced meditators.



Dates:  To be confirmed when delegates booked.
Times: 9.00am-4.30pm. Teas and lunches will be provided. (A vegetarian option is available.)

Venue: Waterfall Country Estate, Midrand.

Fee: 2,800 for 2 days. You will be able to claim a percentage of this fee back from your medical aid. If you want to find out exactly how much you can claim I will mail you the appropriate information for you to give to them.

Banking Details:

MP Kahn

Current account

FNB Hyde Park

No: 54481194198

Branch Code: 255805

Full payment is required to book place on workshop.



"Participating in the Gateway to peace workshop has been truly transformative for me.  I saw the impact of the techniques almost immediately in all facets of my life.  Some changes were subtle and others blatant but both incredibly positive." Priya – General Manager

“This 2 day course has made me view life in a way I never thought possible. It has inspired me to do so much more without effort. The tools that were taught have enabled me to feel more calm and have more stillness inside me than ever before. Mark, you are a true inspiration and a unique soul.” Kate” – Senior media buyer.


“I found the learnings to be fluid and invaluable.   The profound blend of psychological and spiritual aspects prompted an awakening within me which will undoubtedly facilitate further growth long after the end of the course.” Sheila: Organisational Development Consultant.


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    • Times: 9.00am - 4.30pm. Teas and Lunches will be provided.

    • Venues and Dates: Waterfall Country Estate - Midrand

    • Dates: Dates to be confirmed when number of delegates are booked.

    • Fee: R2,800 Payable in full in advance. Fee payment is required in order to reserve your place on the workshop. You will be able to claim up to 35% of this back from your medical aid.
      (The exact percentage will depend on the type of plan you are on and your particular medical aid)
      Mail me and I can tell you what information to give your medical aid to find out from them how much you can claim.

    • Banking Details: FNB Hyde Park, Branch Code: 255805, Account no: 54481194198,
      Current account: M.P.Kahn.

    • Delegates:

    • Material: You will receive a comprehensive workbook containing all of the theory and practical exercises in the programme.